Community Managed Micro Insurance

1)Omkar Archana
Dilawarpur, Adilabad District.
“In order to avoid unnecessary pressures from villagers, we have to slip away from the place unnoticed. It requires a lot of skill to do so when we come across doubtful cases”, said Omkar Archana, the Bima Mitra of Dilawarpur mandal.

2)G. Bhagyalaxmi
Urban IKP Nirmal
Municipality, Adilabad District
The Bima Mitras actually work against time when they initiate the process of settling an insurance claim. They sometimes find difficult even to get transport to the village if the death takes place in the night.
Among the many difficulties that they face are the delays in getting proper certification and documentation in case of accidental deaths. Often delay in transfer of funds to their bank accounts also results in delay in releasing the immediate relief money.
“The immediate relief cannot be given after a week of occurrence of the death. So it is essential that our accounts are credited with money promptly”, said G. Bhagyalaxmi, the Bima Mitra of Nirmal Municipality under Urban IKP.

3)Dandu Padma
Sarangapur, Adilabad District
“It is while conducting such inquiry that we sometimes face pressures from villagers. They want us to clear the matter without proper inquiry even in doubtful cases”, said Dandu Padma, the Bima Mitra of Sarangapur mandal.

4)Rupa Rani
Adilabad District
“We are welcomed in the village only when we arrive with money. So it is essential that fund balance is maintained in our accounts always”, said Rupa Rani, the Beema Mitra of Laxmanchanda mandal.

5)Podduturi Indira
Nirmal Rural Mandal,
Adilabad District
We are considered as Gods when we reach the village before the funeral”, say the Bima Mitras as they talk about the usefulness of the insurance schemes. The money that comes after the settlement obviously matters much to the poor families.
“We first receive the information of a death at our call centre. Subsequently it falls upon us to conduct an inquiry and find out the actual reason or cause of death”, says Podduturi Indira, the Nirmal mandal Beema Mitra.

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