Community Managed Micro Insurance

“My sister died last year. She was looking after me until that time so her death had left me shattered”, Gangamani recalled of the day Posani had died.
“Dandu Padma the Bima Mitra came to our village and handed Rs. 5,000 as immediate relief in three days. Though the funeral of my sister had taken place by then, I felt greatly relieved”, Gangamani added.
Posani had enrolled herself in YSR Abhayahastham scheme after the death of her husband. She had nominated her sister as a beneficiary of the insurance scheme because she had no children of her own and Gangamani was dependant upon her.
The Rs. 25,000 as the remaining amount of insurance claim was paid to Gangamani in two months after the death of Posani. The money was used for marriage of the nominee.
“Thanks to YSR Abhayahastham, I now live happily at Sangvi village with my husband. I roll beedis in the village to earn a livelihood”, Gangamani said.

  • District :Adilabad
  • Mandal : Sarangapur