Community Managed Micro Insurance

I got the money the day m husband Ramesh died in the fields. Though the amount did not meet the expenses on the day, it was very useful”, Pushpa recalled of the fateful event on October 18, 2010.
“In rural areas people do come to the rescue but there is a price to be paid in the form of high interest. So, help in part can also be a saving grace”, she added.
The late Ramesh had subscribed to the scheme by paying just Rs. 15. He had been living with his in laws after his marriage to Pushpa who is the eldest of three sisters.
“Within five months the LIC settled the claim and released the remaining amount of Rs. 25,000 to Pushpa, the death of her husband being a natural phenomenon. She used the money to marry her sister off”, said Beema Mitra Indira.
Pushpa is a beedi roller and has the responsibility of looking after her youngest sister who is a student of Intermediate second year. “My mother looks after our fields while I take care of the family”, she said.
Pushpa herself is a subscriber to the Abhaya hastam scheme since the last three years. She believes that the scheme will be beneficial to her in case of occurrence of any unforeseen incidents in her life.

  • District :Adilabad
  • Mandal : Nirmal