Community Managed Micro Insurance

However, as Muthyam had subscribed of the AABY, the money that the children got after settlement of his insurance policy came as a big help. The insurance money has gone a long way in helping out the relatives of the children to carve out their future.
“The family was given the immediate relief of Rs. 5,000 the day Muthyam died. This amount was used to perform the last rites of the deceased”, said Omkar Archana, the Bima Mitra of Dilawarpur mandal.
Lasmavva, a relative of Muthyam has adopted the orphaned girl Muthyamma and renamed her Navaneeta. The younger Muthyam also lives with his relatives and studies in class IX.
The remaining amount of Rs. 25,000 towards full insurance claim was transferred online to the bank account opened in the names of the brother and sister. The money has subsequently been put in a joint fixed deposit account.
Archana said the village organisation suggested the relatives to deposit the money in the joint account of the orphan brother and sister. The money will be used in future for the benefit of the children.
Lasmavva who is the custodian of Navaneeta lives in nearby Kalva village. She said the money will be helpful in funding the education of the two children after they clear SSC.

  • District :Adilabad
  • Mandal : Nirmal