Community Managed Micro Insurance

Mariamma belongs to a family of farmers and she had no better use of the money than purchase of a piece of land. She had always looked forward to purchasing a small piece of land to eke sustenance from it.
“I used the Rs. 25,000 to partly fund purchase of half acre of land in my village. Ours is a joint family and I could raise the remaining Rs. 25,000 in the family itself”, said Mariamma.

N. Uma and Dayyala Muthavva, president and secretary of the Nirmal Mandal Samakhya respectively had handled the case of Mariamma diligently. They oversaw the settlement of the insurance claim so that the Rs. 25,000 was released in quick time.
“Earlier I worked as a labourer. Now I cultivate a little paddy and turmeric which brought me good income”, said Mariamma.

“The income from farming was used to repay some of the debt. The debt was incurred to fund the travel of Mariamma’s son to Dubai”, said Muthavva.
Mariamma, who lives with her young son and daughter, is happy about the scheme. She is herself enrolled in the YSR Abhayahastham and will be eligible for pension in a few years.

  • District :Adilabad
  • Mandal : Nirmal