Community Managed Micro Insurance

We reached Gopalpet village in Sarangapur mandal with the immediate relief of Rs. 5,000 on 6th October, 2010 when Bhumanna died of heart attack. The money was used for funeral expenses which was a great relief to the family”, said Dandu Padma, Bima Mitra of Sarangapur mandal.
Gouravva, the widow of Bhumanna got the remaining amount of Rs. 25,000 soon after. With the help of Padma she planned well to invest the money well to suit her future needs.
“I used Rs. 5,000 for repairs to my house in the village. It was in bad shape and needed urgent repairs which I could undertake with the insurance money”, said Gouravva about the way she spent the insurance money.
Gouravva has a daughter who will be eligible for marriage in a few years’ time. She also has a son Poshetti who is of very young age at present.
“I have made a fixed deposit of the Rs. 20,000 keeping in view my needs in the future. I am relaxed about the marriage of my daughter because of this deposit”, Gouravva said.
Like in every other case, Padma had helped Gouravva in planning the use of insurance money. She had even planned the education of her daughter.

  • District :Adilabad
  • Mandal : Sarangapur