Community Managed Micro Insurance

The crux of micro insurance initiated by Indira Krathi Patham is the quick and quality service delivery at the thresholds of the poor by Bima Mitras through Call Centre powered by IT. Bima Mitra is none other than an active Self Help Group Member, a social capital prompted for this purpose for each and every mandal in the District.

Savitha, who is a member of Kannaya Mahila Sangham in Dichpalli village has been selected by Mandal Samakhya to work as Bima Mitra for Dichpalli, Dharpalli and Jakranpalli initially in the 2009.

She is very vocal. Where ever, death occurred in and around Dichpalli Mandal, Savitha was there. She has attended 562 cases and paid interim relief of Rs.5000/- for conduct of funeral rites. This young and youthful girl reaches the grief-stricken families to console within two hours of intimation. To her credit out of 562 cases, she has paid Rs.5000/- to 510 nominees before the cremation of the deceased.

The quick settlement of claims purely depends on the quality claim documentation and submission of Death Certificate and age proof of the deceased. Almost 99% of the claims processed by Savitha were settled by LIC. Savitha maintains cordial relations with Village Revenue Officers (VROs) and Gram Panchayathi Secretaries by having their mobile numbers.

As soon as Call Centre informs her, she alerts the VROs / GP Secretaries to issues Death Certificates on behalf of the deceased family. Actually, the District Collector had issued a circular instruction to all the VROs/GP Secretaries in the District to issue Death Certificates on the same day of the demise of the insured covered under AABY and Abhyahastham.

Savitha literally made use of the instructions of the Collector and succeeded in obtaining the Death Certificates for all most all the cases within 24 hour. Recognising her dedication, the District Administration awarded as ‘Best Bima Mitra of the District’ by Mr. Ramanjaneyulu, the then District Collector, for the first time in the District. Savitha is also instrumental in motivating member in her village to join in appropriate schemes. She has enrolled 36 members under NPS lite – Swavalambana Scheme.

“I am ever grateful to my parents for allowing me to work as Bima Mithra and the District Collector for the Award. I found nobility in this profession and I would like to serve the bereaved families as long as the Zilla Samakhya permits me.’’ Wishes Savitha. Obviously, it is a challenge to work as Bima Mitra, as they are always exposed to wailings and weepings around the dead. Normally people hesitate to visit the dead for various reasons in our society. Yet, Savitha is an exception.

  • Name : Savitha Bima Mithra
  • District :Nizamabad
  • Mandal : Dich Palli