Community Managed Micro Insurance

Venkibai would have nearly missed joining the scheme, had she not enrolled in the SHG in her tribal hamlet. “I would have missed the scheme, had I not joined the SHG movement six years ago. I took a loan of Rs. 30,000 for household needs as well as cultivation of land for a number of times from my group. I have motivated all the members from the six groups to join Abhayahastham scheme,” she said with a sense of satisfaction.

She joined the scheme by paying her contribution of Rs. 3,685 for 10 years including the service charge. She says: “I have joined the scheme with ‘Kushi’. I am ever grateful to the ‘Sarkar’ for having introduced such a good scheme. I am old and have a frail husband aged 70-years, who became blind due to old age. We both are unable to earn our own livelihood though we own three acres of agriculture land given to us by our son, who provides us food. But, the pension amount, which I am receiving monthly, is useful for buying medicines and other small needs for both of us without depending on my sons.”

An assured pension of Rs. 500/- every month has been giving dignity and self confidence to Venkibai, who looks cheerful. She joined the Durgadevi Mahila Sangam six years back when IKP formed new SHGs in the campaign mode. In fact the women of Amrad thanda were reluctant to join the SHGs.

After continuous persuasion, six groups were formed and Venki bai is the only pensioner in the entire thanda. She and other members are aware of other benefits like insurance coverage and scholarships for the children. Though, she is unable to tell what could be the claim amount she would receive, she nevertheless has knowledge about the pension and where it is disbursed every month.

After the Government recently decided to switch over to biometric system and also introduced Smartcards, Venkibai got herself in the local post office and her thumb impression were taken. “I have received this month’s pension from post office through biometric. Though it is taking lot of time waiting at the post office for my turn, it is a very good system,” she remarked.

  • Name : Degavath Venkibai
  • District :Nizamabad
  • Mandal : Makloor