Community Managed Micro Insurance

His wife, Sushila was member of Abhayahastham pension scheme and passed away recently. Sushila, a member of Srirama Mahila Sangam at Gandhinagar Colony in Dichpalli nominated her 59-year-old husband Rajaiah as nominee when she was enrolled under Abhayahastham.

Rajaiah was totally ignorant of his nomination for claim amount. In fact, he did not know what was happening in the women groups. He always was of the opinion that the women on the pretext of group meetings are squandering their time. He was not aware of the benefits of SHGs until his beloved wife’s death.

He confessed that he was uncomfortable and used to murmur, whenever his wife was away from home to attend group meetings. Tears rolled down his cheeks that her wife was so considerate of him and until the interim relief of Rs.5000/- came to him through Bima Mitra, he did not know that her wife was covered under insurance and made him the nominee.

Rajaiaha and his wife Sushila, both are ‘coolies’ and they used to work hard for livelihood. The income earned by the couple was hardly enough to meet their needs. The death of their two daughters in their young age drowned them in a grief. His sons-in law evaded the responsibility of children and married again. The responsibility of bringing up the grandchildren fell on them. They have a son but he is also struggling for his survival. “In such a situation sudden demise of my wife made mean orpah with two little grandchildren,” he said.

Rajaiah made use of the interim relief of Rs.5000/- for her wife’s funeral and other rites. He says: “One day I was informed by Kalavathi, Group leader of Srirama Mahila Sangam that an amount of Rs.25,000/- was deposited in my bank account. Then I went to the bank with Kalavathi and got my passbook updated. Then I saw for the first time in my life a huge amount of Rs.25,000/- deposited in my account.”He wishes to keep the amount as it is in the bank in remembers of his loving wife and take interest if any for his use. He went on saying that “I will deposit this amount in the name of my grandchildren for their future.”

Now Rajaiah’s attitude towards Self Help Groups has totally changed. He is so gratuitous to the fellow group members of her wife for helping him to procure the necessary claim documents and submitting to Call Centre. Astonishingly, he became a brand ambassador of Self Help Groups in his colony. He started motivating the women to join SHGs and brings about awareness of insurance and encourages others to renew in time to get benefited.

  • Name : Rajaiah
  • District :Nizamabad
  • Mandal : Dich Palli