Community Managed Micro Insurance

Laxmi a member of Jaya Saraswathi Mahila Sangham belonging to a Scheduled Caste community in Adavilingala village in Yellareddy Mandal had joined her husband Durgaiah in Aam Aadmi Bima Yojata (AABY) along with others. Durgaiah joined the AABY scheme in 2008 and had renewed annually paying service charge of Rs.15 annually. Durgaiah died suddenly early in the morning on April 13, 2010. The Community Activist of Adavilingala Village Organization intimated the death of Durgaiah.

In the afternoon, Bima Mitra along with the Mandal Samakhya sub-committee members rushed to the village and consoled Lachavva and handed over Rs. 5,000 towards funeral expenses.LachavvaLachavva says: “After about four months, I was paid an amount of Rs.25,000/- .

The delay is due to late submission of Death Certificate and age proof to the Call Centre. I have made fixed deposit of Rs.5000/-in my name and I have created an asset by purchasing 0.9 grams gold as the value of gold is increasing more than anything else. I wish to have it as the rememberance of my husband”

Lachavva is also a wage earner. Her minor needs are met by loans taken from Self Help Group. “I have faced many problems after the death of my husband. The ‘15 rupee Bond’ has helped me to get an insurance amount of Rs.5000/- at the time of funeral which was very crucial for me to conduct the last rites without borrowing from others, who charge high interest as they like. I am ever thankful to the Government for having introduced such a scheme more beneficial to the poor like us.” said Lachavva.

  • Name : Lachi Lachavva
  • District :Nizamabad
  • Mandal : Dich Palli