Community Managed Micro Insurance

Lokam Mallava, a 30-year-old member of Sri Vijaya Laxmi Mahila Samghan has not only joined in Abhayahastham pension scheme but ensured that her mother Yellamma, a 65-year-old SHG member too enrolled in Abhayahastham along with husband Anand, an agricultural labourer in Aam Aadmi Boma Yojana.

She is convinced that the social security interventions initiated by Indira Krathi Patham are useful and comfortable. She has four daughters. One among them is Sumalatha, who has been receiving Scholarships from 9th Standard.

Mallava emotionally says: “I am illiterate because there was no financial support for me to study. Now the scholarships from AABY and ABH encouraged me to continue my daughter’s education. My daughter received scholarships for three years amounting to Rs.3,600/-. As she has been studying in Government School and College, there was no much fee. She is brilliant and hardworking. Due to her academic excellence she got a free seat in B.Sc Nursing in Mallareddy College of Nursing at Jeedimetla in Hyderabad.”

Another daughter, Lalitha, who is studying now 9th standard, became eligible and enrolled for scholarship under Abhayahastham for the year 2011-12. The vision of IKP social security is fulfilled in Mallavva’s family. Mallava is basically a beedi roller and occasionally goes for wage labour and earns Rs.1,500/- per month and her husband too works as labourer. She is a well composed woman and does not give any scope to remorse to have four girl children.

She says: “I am not at all worried for having only daughters. I have my group to take care of my needs.” Yellamma, mother Mallava is a pensioner under Abhayahastham and receiving Rs.500/- ever since the scheme was introduced.

“Being an SHG member, I have benefited immensly. Before joining the SHG 15 years back, it was a great struggle for me to pull on the family. By joining in SHG, things have changed drastically. I have so far availed a loan amount of Rs.92,000/- from my group in five spells. I got gas cylinder and now my entire family is benefited by the scheme.”

  • Name : Lokam Mallava & Family
  • District :Nizamabad
  • Mandal : Dich Palli