Community Managed Micro Insurance

She was working as domestic help in Zaheerabad earning around Rs 3,000 per month. When her two sons were very young, she lost her husband due to illness. With great hardships she brought them up. She performed their marriages. While the eldest son Begari Sanjeev stayed with his mother, the younger one is an auto driver staying in Hyderabad along with wife and children.

Sanjeev enrolled in AABY scheme and made his mother as nominee after his wife left him. When she became bedridden due to tumour, he used to look after her very well for several years. Due to their financial condition she was not taken to specialist Doctor. One day Sanjeeva went to Zaheerabad to bring medicines for his mother. While crossing the main road speeding vehicle hit him and immediately he was rushed to Government Hospital, Zaheerabad on 21stJanuary, 2011 where he breathed his last.

Shankaramma was in a state of shock on hearing the death of her son in tragic circumstances. Her condition was very bad and she did not have any money to even think of performing his last rites. Mr. Shankar Reddy, local Community Activist (CA) informed about the death to the call centre and Bima Mitra – Mrs. B. Anasuya handed over Rs.5000 as Immediate Death fund.

With the help of IKP staff, the family members could able to submit the required documents and got claim amount of Rs.75, 000. Her second son with this claim amount and also after selling his auto, Shankaramma operated in a multi speciality hospital in Hyderabd, after few months she is now able to walk and look after herself.

B. Shankaramma with tears rolling her cheeks said: “When he was alive he used to look after very well, and even after his death, the claim amount was utilised for my operation and now I am able to move and walk. I do not know how and when he enrolled in this scheme and I was surprised when Bima Mitra came and handed over the money to meet his funeral service and also the claim of Rs.75000.”

  • Name : Begari Shankaramma Pastapur village
  • District :Medak
  • Mandal : Zahirabad