Community Managed Micro Insurance

One day, Anasuya got a call from the Call Centre informing her that Malleswari had died leaving behind three adolescent daughters. She went to Buchinelly village in Zaheerabad mandal, where Malleswari used to stay to hand over the instant death relief but was overcome by emotion seeing the pathetic condition of the family. She consoled them and handed over cash to first daughter who was nominee, and she remained with the daughters till the completion of last rites of their mother. After receiving the claim amount of Rs.25000 first daughter deposited in Bank on her two younger sisters names for education and for their future welfare.

With the help of villagers she got married and is presently working in Sangareddy. Even after marriage she is helping her sisters who are staying with their grandmother and are pursuing their education. Having studied up to Intermediate Ms. Anasuya, who is working as Bima Mitra since June 2008, feels satisfied with the help she had been rendering to the needy people. She also doubles up as a tailor making about Rs. 1500 a month. Ms. Anasuya joined the SHG movementin 2004 and worked as VO leader for three years and a year as MS leader. Her husband is a daily wager in a local company. They have three children.

She says: “Whenever I visit any village, even though I do not remember the women sometimes, but they recognise me and speak to me with love and affection. They thank me for the help I had rendered when the needed the support. This gives me a lot of happiness and fulfilment in my life.” She pleads that Government should consider allowing fresh enrolment to help several eligible poor people.

  • Name : Anasuya Bima Mitra
  • District :Medak
  • Mandal : Zahirabad