Community Managed Micro Insurance

For over a year, Ms. Kalpana has been working as a Bima Mitra in Tekmal mandal of Medak district. Her husband runs a saw mill while the two children are studying. She has studied up to Intermediate but is enterprising enough and determined to stand out. For six years, she taught school children in her village. She enrolled in the SHG movement five years ago and worked as Book Keeper for three years.

Enjoying her work as Bima Mitra, Ms. Kalpana said: “I really get lot of job satisfaction in this position, I did not get when I was working as teacher. This job is very flexible for women like us and also gives me an opportunity to help the poor people at the time of distress.”

Ms.Kalpana recalls an incident, which she says made her more determined to work as Bima Mitra. While handling her first case as Bima Mitra, Ms. Kalpana was moved by the plight of two young children, who were orphaned when their parents died in a gap of few months. In Kadaluru village in Tekmal mandal, one Bukka Gopal was an auto driver and AABY policy holder. When his wife died suddenly of illness, he was left to take care of his two small children, both daughters aged nine and eleven years. One day, when Gopal came home for lunch, he suffered heart attack and was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was declared brought dead.

The children were left to fend for themselves. When the information about Gopal’s death was passed on to the Call Centre, Ms. Kalpana went there to hand over Rs. 5000 instant death relief and was moved at the sight of the two small children wailing over their father’s body. Ms. Kalpana hugged them and handed over the relief to perform last rites. The girls were inconsolable and said they would commit suicide as there was none to take care of them. Ms. Kalpana consoled them and submitted the required documents to settle the claims. Presently the children are looked after by their grandmother and studying in hostel. The grandmother has deposited the claim amount as fixed deposit receipts in the name of the children. The remaining amount is used for their education. Kalpana said: “This was my first case as Bima Mitra, when I was asked to visit the bereaved family I got lot of fear, but after helping the family I got lot of satisfaction and confidence and determined to continue in this job”.

Ms. Kalpana recalled how she and other SHG leaders helped a family. In Bodomutpally village, even though the victim was not SHG member, they helped her family. The woman and her husband are agriculture labourers, both the woman and her husband have not enrolled in Abhyahastam and AABY. Her husband died due to illness, after seeing their family plight, Kalpana and SHG leaders collected 75 kgs of rice and money and gave it to the family.

Kalpana said: “Many families have benefitted from these schemes. I suggest that if a Abhayahastham policy holder dies and if husband is the nominee, the money should be kept in fixed deposit. There have been instances, when children of deceased Abhayahastham member have taken the money and distributed it among themselves leaving the father to fend for him self.”

  • Name : Kammari Kalpana
  • District :Medak
  • Mandal : Sadasivpet