Community Managed Micro Insurance

The Samakhya is headed by Ms K. Malleshwari, who is the President for the last two years. She has fairly good exposure as the VO leader. Her husband works as agriculture labourer and the meagre income takes care of their family comprising one daughter and two sons. She is helped by Ms. Pushpa, the Samakhya Secretary. She runs a small retail shops in the village while her husband is a worker in a local company. She has three children. The other office bearers are Anuradha (Treasurer), Ashamma (Vice President), Manoharamma (Joint Secretary). The MS leaders attend meetings and represent their Mandals and bring to the notice Zilla Samakhya, the problems faced by the Mandals. They will also create awareness among the VO leaders, who in turn educate the SHG members after attending trainings and meetings.

Ms. Malleswari pointed out how the Samakhya had to intervene and settle the claim of a SHG member K. Mallamma of Veltur village, who was Abhayahastham member. She used to work as daily wage agricultural labourer and had two minor children. One day she suddenly died of illness and there was none to help the family. “I personally visited her house and consoled the family members including the two minor children. I collected all the relevant documents and applied for insurance claim at the call centre. Mallamma had borrowed money from the SHG as well as the VO. Moved by the plight of the family, they decided to waive the interest and asked the children to only pay the principal amount. They were happy and paid Rs. 9,000 and Rs. 5,000 respectively to the VO and the SHG as the principal amount,” Ms. Malleswari noted.

If this was helping hand, the Samakhya did not waste a minute in cancelling a false claim. “One day, we got a call from Kolkur village about the death of a member. The villagers informed the Call Centre that it was a natural death. The victim was Abhayastham policy holder. When the Samakhya accompanied by the Bima Mitra visited the village to pay instant relief, they came to know that the woman had committed suicide. Without waiting for a second, we cancelled the claim without any hesitation,” Ms. Malleswari said. She pointed out that the Samakhya not only enrolled but motivated members and also monitor the activities on day to day basis to prevent misuse of schemes.

During the Abhyahastham enrolment, Ch. Pushpa motivated the SHG members how the scheme is beneficial to them She said: “I used to convince them that they have to contribute Rs.1 per day only. It will be useful and helpful to the individuals during difficult times and but also enabled children to get scholarship of Rs. 1200 per child in a year. What we are paying to Government is paying back more than what we are paying now.”
Ms. Pushpa elaborated on the entrepreneurial skills of the members. She said: “We give bulk finance to the SHG members for business purpose. Each member can avail a loan of Rs. 20,000 (upper limit). The Mandal Samakhya has given loans to purchase Auto’s, small retail shops, Chicken centres, Vegetable retail shops etc. Mandal Samakhya has disbursed 50 lakhs to the SHG members in 18 villages”. (Interview with MS President Mrs.K.Malleshwari, MS Secretary, Mrs.CH. Pushpa was contducted on November 18, 2011 at Zilla Samakhya Insurance Call Centre. Mr.Vishveshwaram, Asstt. Project Manager, Insurnace Call Centre was present)

  • Name : K.Malleshwari & CH. Pushpa
  • District :Medak
  • Mandal : Sadasivpet