Community Managed Micro Insurance

Darshinam Chinnamma, the leader of Swarna Saraswati self help group under the Gamjal gramakhya sangham narrated how the insurance money rescued the family of the deceased from prospective debt. Her husband is not an earning member owing to ill health.

“We received the immediate relief of Rs. 5,000 on the day of death of Lasmavva. However, the remaining amount of Rs. 25,000 was released after about nine months owing to some functional difficulty in filing the claim”, said Chinnamma. “The scheme was very useful to the family. They partly funded the travel expenses of one of the sons to Gulf where he has gone to find some gainful employment”, said Podduturi Indira, the Bima Mitra in Nirmal mandal.

“The money was of great help in keeping us away from the local money lenders. Had there been no insurance money we would have had to beg the money lender”, said Chinnamma. “Money has to be borrowed from the local money lender at very high rates of interest. We were not only saved from approaching the money lenders but we do not have to lose on account of the interest on the loan”, she added.

The Rs. 25,000 was used about four months back to fund the travel of the eldest son. Meanwhile, the education expense of the nominee Raju, the youngest of the sons, is being taken care of the family.

  • District :Adilabad
  • Mandal : Nirmal