Community Managed Micro Insurance

“I had borrowed all the money to pay the premium. Thanks to the policy I am receiving pension since April 2009”, said Posani. The old pensioner had repaid the debt of Rs. 3,685 after she started receiving the pension. After clearance of her debt, the entire amount of Rs. 500 per month is spent over her daily needs.

“The money is useful when I need to go to hospital. Sometimes I give the money to my grandson” Posani said. LOKA KOUSALYA is one of the beneficiaries of the YSR Abhayahastham pension scheme in Bhagyanagar village in Nirmal mandal whom Nirmal Bima Mitra Podduturi Indira helped in enrolment. She now gets a pension of Rs. 500 per month.

“Even her husband gets Rs. 200 as pension every month” said Indira. “We purchase our rations with the pension of both of us”, said Kousalya in an effort to show that the pension scheme has come as a great help to the old couple. As many as 17 old aged persons in Bhagyanagar village are recipient of the pension at present. “Getting to know of the benefits of these 17, many others are coming to us for enrolment in the scheme though it is already late for doing so”, said Indira. SHEKHAN JAINABEE lives in Manjulapur in Nirmal mandal along with her husband Sharfuddin. She receives a pension of Rs. 500 per month under the YSR Abhayahastham scheme while Sharfuddin gets Rs. 200 as pension every month.

“My two sons died and the third one works in a Gulf country. The pension is the only source of sustenance for us”, said Jainabee.

Jainabee has neither land nor pucca house. She is thankful for the scheme that has provided for her sustenance since the last two years.

  • District :Adilabad
  • Mandal : Nirmal