Community Managed Micro Insurance

As if the demise of her husband was not enough, the insurance claim settlement also got delayed for about 11 months due to improper documentation initially. But, when the Rs. 75,000 as the remaining amount of the accident policy that her late husband had subscribed to was released, she was very happy.

Chinnavva had already received Rs. 5,000 as immediate relief when Rajesh war had died. The money was used for funeral expenses. “The community activist A. Ramana informed us about the AABY insurance policy of my husband. I felt very relieved on hearing the news from him”, said Chinnavva, who belongs to the poorest of poor category.

The insurance money has been converted into a fixed deposit in the name of her daughter Neeraja who studies SSC. “The deposit will mature by the time she becomes eligible for marriage”, said Ms. Ramana.

Chinnavva said she was also relieved after enrolling herself in the YSR Abhayahastham insurance scheme for the benefits it promises to bring in future. Neeraja will get a scholarship of Rs. 1,200 per month for two more years if she continues with the education.

“I will get pension on attaining the age of 60 years”, said a confident Chinnavva. “The pension could be as high as Rs. 2,200 per month”, Ms. Ramana added. “In all, we settled insurance claims of four persons who died in accidents in recent months. As these persons belonged to the very poor category, their families were too happy to receive the insurance money”, Ms. Ramana said.

  • Name : CHINNAVVA Adilabad District
  • District :Adilabad
  • Mandal : Adilabad